Hello there!

My name is Beth. I am a mother, a wife, an artist.

I’ve carved a small studio out of a storage closet, and I’ve carved a painting career between naps and dishes.  My everyday life inspires me: the fruit on my counter, the trees outside my window, the faces surrounding me.

I’ve been described as quiet.  And I think that might be because I find it easier to speak in colors and shapes than words.  Painting is solace.  Organizing color patterns helps me to filter through the tones in my head.

A compulsion for creation has been with me since childhood.  And I followed my dreams of a light-filled studio with piles of blank white canvases to a fine arts degree in painting at Arizona State University.

Recently I’ve found inspiration in collaborative art pieces.  Individuals or brands interested in a portrait commission or other prompted pieces are warmly invited to contact me.

I hope that you can find some peace and inspiration here for your own home. Conversations and questions are welcome at hello@bethallenart.com.

Thanks for visiting!